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A Didier Cassegrain Double Feature! Two cinematic graphic novels by the celebrated, Eisner Award-nominated illustrator. Kickstarter pledges will ship in September! Pre-orders received after August 1st will ship in a second wave (estimated October).

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Suddenly, Ian...
1 day ago – Sat, Oct 01, 2022 at 09:28:25 AM

Hi everyone!

We hope you are doing well, and if any of you are in Florida: we hope you literally weathered the storm this week! 😳 And if any of you are in South Carolina and in the predicted storm path: be careful and stay safe! 😲

We wanted to post a quick update on two recent developments:

  • Shipping Status
  • Ambassador Points

On the shipping front...

Quartermaster was fully prepared to send out Address Verification Notification emails this week as preparation to start shipping next week... But then Hurricane Ian showed up and forced everyone there to shelter in place for a big chunk of the week. 😓 The storm passed directly over their primary warehouse in Orlando, and we're waiting to hear how they fared. We're hoping they were spared from the chest-deep flash-flooding seen in other parts of central Flordia...  😳

I know that mental image might make some of you nervous (we are certainly holding our breath awaiting news as the dust settles), but we're praying that they escaped unharmed and can resume business next week. Of course, if anything tragic did unfold with their inventory, we'll take proper measures to compensate your orders accordingly. But we're staying optimistic and appreciate your support and patience while the situation is evaluated.

In the meantime -- you've got Ambassador Points!

If you missed the mention on the campaign page, every pledge includes a number of Ambassador Points equivalent to their final order total (including postage). What are Ambassador Points?  They are reward points that can be collected and redeemed for discount codes on our webstore, and a great way to further support Magnetic Press (while building up a collection of cool books at a great price in the process)!

If you are already a webstore customer and part of the program, just log into your webstore account (which should be the same email address as your Kickstarter/Backerkit account). You should see those new points added to your balance under the heading "ZARKASS/BLACK WATER LILIES Kickstarter Points."

If you don't have an account on our webstore, your points have been entered, but you will need to complete registration to use them. 😊

For a walkthrough of how to register, just follow the steps in this update from a previous campaign:

You can use points for discount codes, gift cards, and occasionally for exclusive collectible items that you can only get using points! It's definitely a fun program that we'll be building on very soon!

If you don't see those points in your account or have any questions about the above, please send us a message here on Kickstarter and we'll get back to you ASAP. Please note that if you haven't completed your Backerkit order, your points have not been awarded yet, so check to make sure your survey and any remaining payments are complete.

Thanks, everyone! More news as soon as we have it! ☔

Digital Rewards are now available in Backerkit!
7 days ago – Sun, Sep 25, 2022 at 09:07:25 PM

Hi everyone!

A huge apology for the weeks of silence and thank you so much for your patience. We had expected to get the digital rewards distributed through Backerkit a couple of weeks ago, but got overwhelmed by a bunch of other screaming priorities that it unfortunately kept slipping down the calendar. I have to be better about managing my own task list so that I don't get this overloaded... not just for my own sanity but for your benefit as well!

I've been working hard on getting caught up and am happy to say that DIGITAL REWARDS HAVE NOW BEEN ADDED TO BACKERKIT!

If you are set to receive any digital rewards, you should receive an email from Backerkit shortly with your links. If you don't see that email soon, check your spam folder, or you can also simply log into your backer kit at where you should see a big blue button in the middle of the page that says "Get Your Digital Downloads." Click on that button to find all of your digital items waiting for you. They are primarily Gumroad links with discount codes to receive those PDFs for free. There should be instructions with each link for how to access those files with your discount.

Of course, if any of the process is confusing, please feel free to message us directly here on Kickstarter. 😊

We will distribute webstore Ambassador points shortly, so stay tuned for another update soon!

In the meantime, please take a look at the KLAW: WERE-WARS Kickstarter campaign going on now if you haven't already!

While this campaign is showcasing a cool new card game we co-designed, it also features an awesome graphic novel series by Antoine Ozanam (TEMUDJIN) with fantastic artwork by Joel Jurion! The campaign is offering the newest, fourth volume in the GN series, but you can get ALL FOUR VOLUMES DIGITALLY FOR FREE when you pick up the new hardcover! That's nearly 600 pages of some fantastic supernatural adventure!

The campaign met it's goal in the first 6 hours but has slowed down a bit, primarily because of our inexperience in the tabletop category -- it is a completely different audience and we think the awesome comic aspect might be lost in that category. So if you could check it out and support it even if just for the graphic novels, that would be GREAT. 😊

Check out the campaign at


Shipping to begin in a few short weeks... in the meantime: TEMUDJIN launches Tuesday!
about 1 month ago – Mon, Aug 22, 2022 at 02:34:10 AM

Hi everyone!

Just a quick update to let you all know that things are progressing nicely with the pre-fulfillment preparation (in fact, the books arrived from the printer two weeks earlier than expected...! Hopefully that's a good sign that the shipping crisis is starting to calm down a bit...). Assuming nothing unexpected occurs, Quartermaster should be able to have things shipping in September as planned.

In the meantime, while you wait eagerly for your stuff, you may be interested in checking out our next great campaign launching on Tuesday...

A child is born in an ancient and distant land, celebrated by the shaman Ozbeg who senses the spirit of greatness inside him. Orphaned at birth, the shaman takes the boy in and names him Temudjin in anticipation of the man he is destined to become. But first, he must be guided and trained to listen to the spirits of nature around him, for one day, he will lead the Mongol clans to glory as the reborn Genghis Khan. A lushly illustrated fantasy graphic novel about a man torn between free will and destiny by Antoine Ozanam and Antoine Carrion.

You know we know our stuff when it comes to EYE-POPPING GRAPHIC NOVELS, and TEMUDJIN is at the top of the list when it comes to excellence. We have been huge fans of Antoine Carrion's art since publishing NILS: THE TREE OF LIFE last year, and one could argue that TEMUDJIN is even more beautiful (if you can believe it).

This is a gallery-sized 9x12" hardcover edition featuring a reflective silver foil cover with signature curved corners. In addition to the standalone book, we are also offering a campaign-exclusive “Journeyman” bundle that includes a numbered bookplate, four exclusive linen cardstock prints, a metal Chingiss era replica coin, and the hardcover book within a printed 13×16″ cotton drawstring satchel.

Check out the PRE-REGISTRATION page to get a sneak peek at that beautiful bundle, and to sign up for a FREE linen cardstock print with your pledge.

The campaign will go live at 10 am CST this Tuesday, August 23rd, and will only last 10 Days, ending the following Friday, September 2nd!

We really hope you will join us! There will be some very limited items and cool stretch goals, so the more people we can bring in on Day 1, the better we'll rank on Kickstarter's discovery carousel. Your support would be greatly appreciated! (Plus, you just don't want to miss out on this book. It is a must-have.)

Thanks, everyone!

Locking Backerkit TOMORROW! Please confirm your order info!
2 months ago – Sat, Jul 30, 2022 at 09:15:44 PM

Hi everyone!

I'm typing this with hazy eyelids between naps -- seems I failed a savings throw somewhere at San Diego Comic-Con and finally caught the COVID. Ugh. 🤒 I was masked up, avoided close contact, and hand-sanitized frequently, but when surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people, it was still a roll of the dice. Thankfully I'm vaccinated and boosted, so the symptoms are relatively light, but it sure does suck the wind out of your sails...

That said, we're still pushing forward, business as usual, getting ZARKASS/BLACK WATER LILIES ready to ship with GIANTESS in the next few weeks. To that end --

We will begin locking Backerkit orders tomorrow!

What does that mean exactly?

That means you have the next few days to review your order information on Backerkit to make any last minute changes necessary before we charge credit cards and export the order data for Quartermaster to start processing. So please, log into your Backerkit at and confirm these three things:

  • Correct order items (feel free to add some more stuff to your cart if you'd like)
  • Correct address
  • Valid payment method / CC info

If anything looks like it needs to be addressed or adjusted, please message us here on Kickstarter.

A note about bundled shipping with GIANTESS:

*If you backed both GIANTESS and the ZARKASS/BLACK WATER LILIES campaign and requested bundled shipping in your ZARKASS Backerkit survey, we have credited one of your two orders accordingly to cancel out the appropriate amount of shipping due on one of them. In some cases, this credit was applied to your GIANTESS order, in other cases, it was applied to your ZARKASS order (whichever was less).  Please check both orders if you are wondering where the bundling credit was applied. You will still see shipping on each order, but you should also see a "Complimentary Credit" applied to one that effectively cancels out that order's shipping amount. It would appear something like this:

If you don't see a credit on either order and feel you should receive one, message us.

*If you did not also back GIANTESS, this does not apply to you. 😊

Once we press the "Lock Orders" button tomorrow, Backerkit will send a final notification email and start a 48-hour count down at which point it will charge all credit cards for any balances due. Please make sure your payment method is up to date!

If you're not sure about anything, please feel free to message us and we'll be happy to answer any questions. Barring any unexpected obstacles or delays, everything should be at Quartermaster Logistics in the next 3 weeks or so, and shipping should be able to begin in the first or second week of September. We'll keep you posted as those dates loom closer, but if you can do your part to make sure your surveys are all filled out and ready, that will be a big help!

In the meantime, we'd LOVE it if you hopped onto our Magnetic-Con Art Book and Loot Box campaign ending tomorrow!

Limited edition swag and some excellent books we haven't offered here on Kickstarter yet -- $120 worth of stuff for only $60! Some really amazing artists in the book, some great exclusive collectibles, and TWO NEW BOOKS... it's a bargain you won't want to miss!

Thanks, everyone! ❤

Advance book pix! Plus: MAGNETIC-CON!
3 months ago – Sun, Jul 17, 2022 at 02:40:10 AM

Hi everyone!

Hope you have all been doing well! Things have been rolling along right on schedule since our last update, and I'm happy to report that the books have finished printing and are now on their way across the Pacific. They turned out WONDERFUL! We received two advance copies of each recently and took a few pix to share:


The linen graining really gives it a canvas feel

Here's a flip-through video we made:


And a flip-through video:

The bulk shipment of both books is expected to reach our warehouse (with GIANTESS) by the last week of August, so we are hoping that fulfillment will begin on both campaigns together in mid/late-September. We will keep you posted as those dates get closer.

As a reminder, we will be locking the Backerkit orders the week of July 25th. Don't worry: any shipping credit for bundling with GIANTESS will be calculated and rewarded that week, before credit cards are actually charged. Once orders have been locked and charges complete, we will distribute the digital rewards and Ambassador Points.

Until then, in the meantime, we've cooked up something we think you might find interesting...

Please join us next Tuesday for (drumroll)...


Can't make it to San Diego for Comic-Con next week? No problem! While we won't have a booth at that show this year, we are instead launching a VIRTUAL Convention Booth on Kickstarter! Not only will we be offering the premiere edition of the MAGNETIC-CON Comic Art Book filled with some amazing talent, but you'll also have a crack at one of only 500 VIP Loot Boxes filled with TWO new books and a huge haul of exclusive collectibles!

The first 1000 copies will include a FREE Magnetic-Con lanyard and PVC badge... just like attending a live convention!

Each of the 500 VIP Loot Boxes will include TWO new books selected around 5 different themes to choose from. A $125 value for only $60!

But the most exciting part for our supportive and regular Kickstarter followers is what awaits in Backerkit after the 10-day Kickstarter campaign is done...

OVER 120 BOOKS and COLLECTIBLE ITEMS will be available as Backerkit Add-ons for you to supplement your order, covering a wide range of product categories!

Missed out on some collectible stretch goal items from previous Kickstarter campaigns? We’ve collected the rare remainders so that you can have one more crack at them! Maximize your shipping by loading up on a list of books you've had your eye on!

Categories will include:

  • Selected new and backlist Magnetic Press book releases
  • Limited Edition linen cardstock prints by hot artists including Peach Momoko and Karl KerschlLess than 100 of these are available!
  • Rare Bonus Sketchbooks for titles such as PARIS 2119, ASTER OF PAN, SMALL WORLD, and SHANGRI-LA. Very limited quantities left!
  • Past campaign Challenge Coins – yes, you read that right! We’ve got a few dozen coins left over from some of our previous campaigns… now’s your chance to complete your collection!
  • Rare remaining soundtrack vinyl singles from ASTER OF PAN, SMALL WORLD, and SHANGRI-LA
  • Plus an assortment of other previous campaign stretch goal items, including lapel pins, patches, postcards, and bookmarks!

Pre-register your pledge TODAY to get a two-sided mini-poster with artwork by Tony Sandoval and Chaiko added to your pledge for FREE!

We are really looking forward to launching this (non-)Con virtual convention booth experiment on Tuesday at 10am CST, and hope you'll join us! If it takes off, we'd love to make it an annual event (maybe even with actual convention stuff like online panels with creators, contests, and more)!

So please pre-register today and join us on Tuesday! We hope to see you there! 🤩